Saturday, August 30, 2008

Appleby Magna to Otley.

The rain had eased off by the time we were ready to leave so, as we hadn't needed waterproofs thus far, we decided to risk it. Sue had planned a route that took us through the Peak district on the opposite side to that which we had travelled down from my sisters some days earlier. (Was it only days? Motorcycle touring, especially when you are on the road every day, does strange things to your time elapsed perceptions, felt like months since we had seen Alison and Lee!) Before the day was out however, I was to be found in my Frank Thomas fully waterproof all in one romper suit.

Lunch time found us in the famous tart town of Bakewell, we found parking with the usual ease on the main street then I just had to try a tart with my coffee. Sue, being a hater of all things almond and marzipanny, had something else.

Afterwards we had a stroll around the picturesque riverside (see Wye jokes elsewhere) large brown trout and cute ducklings did abound.

Back on the road the heavens opened and, after a while, I started to feel chilled as my leathers absorbed rain and the slipstream started to steal body heat. Sue was in a textile jacket and shielded by my magnificent Macam physique so was quite cosy on the pillion. We pulled over and I donned my over suit (photos later in the blog).

We rode through the famous town of Holmfirth but didn't see any of the cast, Norah Batty would have been my choice.

Late afternoon saw us approaching our long term friend's small bungalow in Otley. The only time I came near to dropping the bike was on their minuscule driveway. See photos.

To be continued.....

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