Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Hopeman heist ( Villains in the village!!! )

The Memsahib suggested I should try to service and restore her dusty web covered "Velocipede" ( Bicycle ) to a roadworthy condition so we could enjoy the rapidly improving weather and enhance our personal fitness by cycling together whilst exercising our Hungarian gun dog Jana.
Gennasus has an ingenious device to attach said Vizsla to her bicycle to ensure that the bits of the ride which involve other road users are completed safely. It took an incredibly short time to sort the bike out considering how long it had hung on the garage wall and apart from a very slow puncture in the front tyre it was almost as good as new!

Yesterday we ventured out for a shortish ride, a sort of test flight to the local cycle path, not more than five miles (ish) We returned to the village and a scene that would not have been out of place in " The Sweeney" or "Ashes to ashes". Police everywhere, Scene of crime tape across Harbour Street, Helicopters hanging in the sky! the sound of distant automatic gun fire! (Ok so I exaggerate a bit!) Our local post office had been robbed! Such excitement has not been known in Hopeman, at least, not since the chip shop burnt down some years ago! Thankfully no one was injured and the police have good descriptions of the b******s involved so hopefully they will get their just deserves in the fullness of time!


Pyatshaw said...

How did your Post Office manage to avoid the "axe"? Ours is now a (not very reliable and doesn't supply everything the village PO used to)van!
Do you think a film could be in the offing?.....get casting!

Thomgib said...

A film! What a great idea! Tom Cruise could play me cycling back into the village with either Jordan, Madonna or Barbara Windsor as my wife. Lassie could be cast as Jana but would have to wear a red body stocking.

Chris said...

Good idea about the film Tom if you need any bit players I could help 'cos I've got some new bits

Zyzzyz said...

At least Hopeman still has a PO