Monday, June 15, 2009

Willie and Toms Lecht adventure

The route south from the cafe window
The cafe was packed not a seat to be had!

Mountain bikes

Willie has got his bike back on the road so we decided to try out our new "bike to bike" radios which worked very well! We headed for the hills and apart for a couple of heavyish rain showers had a splendid few hours taking in the spectacular Lecht Ski resort,the road past Billy Connollys estate and got home in time for tea!


Pyatshaw said...

Glad to see you managed to squeeze the 2 bikes into a quiet corner of the car park!Don't you ever get tired of this constant rat race that is life in some parts of Scotland?

Thomgib said...

Yes there are times when I yearn for the 20 mile tailbacks on the
M25. Did you know there are more people "living" in London than in the whole of Scotland? and yes, they are welcome to it!

adthelad said...

Overdue an update on this blog I think....